Wholesale Roasting

At Hyperion, our goal is to provide our wholesale partners with phenomenal coffees that are traceable, transparent and consistent. 


We roast every coffee with a specific, tailored profile to bring out the best qualities of each coffee and highlight the wide range of unique flavors inherent in single-origin coffees. Most of our coffees are traceable to a single-farm, but we offer seasonal blends that rotate with the current coffee harvest. 

Wholesale Coffee Bags at Hyperion Coffee in Ypsilanti, Michigan



All of our coffees are available in standard bulk packaging for use in cafes, restaurants, and offices, as well as smaller retail packaging for resale to customers. We offer weekly delivery in the Metro Detroit area, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor as well as ship coffee nationwide. 

Ground Coffee for Espresso Hyperion Coffee
Hyperion Coffee's Titan Espresso Bag

Equipment and Maintenance

Hyperion offers a full line of coffee and espresso equipment from most major equipment manufacturers. We also offer full-service installation and maintenance plans to ensure your equipment remains in top condition and your coffee tasting great. 



Cupping Coffee at Hyperion Coffee Co Ypsilanti, Michigan

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