La Perla Golden Honey


La Perla Golden Honey


Producer: Carlos Barrantes

Location: Cirri Sur, Naranjo. Finca Chispita

Elevation: 1500 MASL

Cultivar: SL-28

Notes: Cherry Cola, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Tart Cherry, Raisin, Tropical Fruit, Huge Sweetness and pronounced, rounded acidity

Carlos Barrantes and his wife, Diana, own five small farms and La Perla Del Cafe Micromill—"micro" being the key word here. The Barrantes family is fully committed to producing quality coffee in every way, therefore production is limited to approximately 300 bags annually. Every year, Carlos employs the same group of 45 Panamanian coffee pickers to harvest his crop. These workers understand his high standards and passion for quality and have become part of the family.

Carlos was the first producer in Costa Rica to be given the SL-28 cultivar. Rather than hoard the special variety for himself, he has distributed seeds to friends and neighbors. Don Carlos believes that growing nontraditional varieties, in addition to focusing on honey and natural processing, will be what allows him to differentiate La Perla's coffee from others in the region.

**8oz bag**

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