acquire knowledge - have fun - take home coffee

 Each Lab explores A DIFFERENT aspect of specialty coffee; from developing your palate and the fundamentals of cupping to espresso extraction and the science of water chemistry. lEARN ABOUT COFFEE CULTIVATION, genetics, AND FERMENTATION PROCESSES. 


processing Lab 7/28/18 @ Noon

explore how processing affects various aspects of the cup. We will have washed, natural, white honey, and yellow honey coffees for you to cup. the lab will be hosted by our head Roaster, Dan kubera! you will go home with (2) complimentary bags of your favorite coffees from the lab.


Cupping and Palate awareness

learn to cup! Cupping is the tool we use to evaluate coffee, it lets us explore fragrance, aroma, acidity, sweetness, body and taste in a controlled and comparative METHOD. we will be exploring what elements must come together to MAKE a beautiful cup of coffee. 


Home Brewing Basics

Learn the best practices for brewing delicious coffee at home with whatever equipment you are currently using! We will DELVE INTO brewing theory, technique, water quality and its effects on coffee, grinding coffee and how different grinders alter your extractions, and equipment maintenance.  


Espresso Extraction

Learn about espresso extraction theory and technique! We will be covering a wide range of topics from history and theory of espresso to brewing different roasts and origins, exploring ratios and pressure, grinder specifications, machine maintenance and much more. 

All Labs will take place at Hyperion Coffee co roastery and tasting room which is located in Depot Town at 306 N River ST STE D Ypsilanti, MI 48198