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Hyperion Coffee Co was founded in Ypsilanti, MI and is committed to sourcing, roasting and serving beautiful coffees. With over 25 years combined experience in specialty coffee we aim to provide SE Michigan with an exceptional coffee experience. We offer whole sale roasting, staff training, consultations, and technician certified repairs and installations.

Direct Trade


We are excited to offer direct trade coffees and cascara from our partners in Honduras. One of the farmers we work with is Rolando Carcamo in La Union, Honduras. This farmer grows beautiful coffee of the red and yellow Catuai cultivar. This coffee is washed and put through a zero defect sort; it has prominent sweetness and lots of body; notes of plum, sweet tobacco, and graham cracker.

Hyperion at Rolando Carcamo's Farm. From left to right; Dan Kubera, Rolando Carcamo, Alex Merz, and Eric Mullins in Quiscamote, Honduras.