Meet the Team

Our goal is to provide our wholesale
partners with phenomenal coffees that are traceable, transparent, and consistent.


    Hyperion was founded by three partners from Ypsilanti with the dream of opening a roasting company that truly believes coffee is much more than a morning ritual.

We take pride in building relationships with our producers that result in an equitable distribution of profits throughout the entire value chain while ensuring quality coffee year after year.

We roast every coffee with a specific, tailored profile to bring out the best qualities of each coffee and highlight the wide range of unique flavors inherent in single-origin coffees. Most of our coffees are traceable to a single-farm, but we offer seasonal blends that rotate with the current coffee harvest.


Dan Kubera
Roaster / Eats

Eric Mullins
Fixes things / Handy

Alex Merz
Accounting / Dancer

Roaster / Skater